Boro Soccer Schools - Professional football coaching for children aged 3 to 14 yrs old
What Happens after Rockcliffe in Summer Holidays

Training will continue as normal over the Summer but matches will be off on Sundays and will restart 10th September.

Subs remain the same throughout the year. Although their is no matches in August there is 4 months of the year when there is 5 training sessions on a 5 week month so it balances out as 12 x £30 monthly payments

Junior Football Club
 Development Leagues

Boro Soccer Schools launched the development league program in 2014 to give children the opportunity to play in matches on a Sunday in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment and prepare them to eventually progress into our feeder clubs such as Boro Rangers FC, Cleveland Juniors, Riverside Juniors, Acklam FC etc .

Children are put in groups of around 30 children of a similar age and ability and will play round robin matches every other Sunday throughout the season. 

Children will the play their last round robin of the season at Rockcliffe Hall on a special awards day in July when they will all receive a trophy for playing in the league.

The season is split into 3 terms - 

Term 1 - Sept to Xmas
Term 2 - Jan to Easter
Term 3 - Easter to July

Groups may be changed around after the end of each term 

How to get your child involved in playing matches in the development League
Please read through all the info below to get a better understanding of the leagues.
If you want your child to start playing in the development league matches then you must complete the enrolment form below and you will be contacted as soon as places become available which is more than likely to be after the current clock of fixtures finish. Places are limited and the waiting list will be managed in the order we receive the on-line enrolments.

Development League Enrolment Form
Child's Name
Year Group At School
Day / venue of your childs current weekly session
Mobile number (All info is sent by text)

Our current feeder clubs in which the children will eventually progress into once they are ready include the following - 

Boro Rangers FC
Boro Rangers FC
Cleveland Juniors
Cleveland Juniors
Riverside Juniors FC
Riverside Juniors FC
Prissick Rovers
Prissick Rovers
Coulby Newham Juniors
Coulby Newham Juniors
Acklam FC
Acklam FC

  • 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 or 7 a side matches depending on attendance levels each week (Substitutes will be rotated as fairly as possible)
  • Basic small sided rules (Please remember this will be the first match experience for many of the children so rules will be relaxed and taught to them throughout the league by the referees who will also act as the team managers dealing with the substitutes etc
  • Teams will be picked after the warm up and children will receive a shirt to wear in the games for that day only.
  • Children MUST arrive 10 minutes prior to their allocated slot to ensure they are ready to play and the games start on time!
Requirements / Kit
  • Children must wear shinpads and boots (Trainers can be worn indoors)
  • Plain Navy shorts and socks must be worn - (Preference is the plain navy sondico ones form Sports Direct for around £2 for socks and £3 for shorts) 
  • Shirts will be provided for children to wear each game but need to be handed back in at the end of each game. 
  • Games will be indoors on the 3G astro in cold conditions and outside in milder weather so please bring both indoor and outdoor clothing. .

Venue for all games is
MFC - Foundation Centre - Eston - TS6 9AE

Subscriptions and how to make Payments for the league

Cost to children playing in the development leagues is £360 a year to cover 50 training sessions, 20 matches and the awards day at Rockcliffe Hall. This is split into 12 monthly payments of £30 a month and must be paid via standing order on the 1st of each month. If you cant pay through the bank for whatever reason please contact us to arrange an alternative payment method.

Once your first bank payment is made please ensure you stop paying at the sessions as the £30 covers both training sessions and matches

Subscriptions must be made in full each month regardless of your child's attendance as you are paying for the place in the program and not individual sessions / matches they may attend. Failure to pay the monthly fees will result in your child loosing their place in the Development League Program. If you leave the program and no longer require a place please text us to inform us so we can fill the space and ensure you cancel the standing order. Cash payments of £5 a session or match must be made until the 1st Standing order has been received

To set up a standing order to cover your childs session and match fees please give your bank the following details -

Account Name - JFC Development Ltd (Junior Football Club Development Ltd)
Account Number - 23217116
Sort Code - 205678
Amount - £30 a month
Date - 1st of each month (continuous)
Reference - Your Child's FULL name

Parents behaviour / rules!

Let The Children Play
They stand on the field with their hearts beating fast
The whistle has blown, the die has been cast.
 Mum & Dad cannot help, they stand all alone
A goal at this moment would send the team home.
A ball near their feet, they kick and it misses
There's a moan from the crowd, some boos and some hisses
A thoughtless voice cries 'take him off Mun '
Tears fill their eyes, it's no longer fun.
If you have ever been tempted to shout or to groan
Just think, it's a child who stands all alone
So open your heart and give them a break
It's moments like this that players you make.
Keep this in mind, please do not forget
They are only children, they're not adults yet!

Any parent becoming abusive or negative towards the referees, managers or children will be asked to leave the premises immediately and your child will be removed from the development league program!

Please remember the children are still only very young and this league is designed for fun and to give children a positive first experience of playing in matches. The FA no longer allows children to play in "competitive football games" until secondary school. The score does not get recorded or count towards a table so we ask parents not to become over pushy on results and not keep asking their child if they scored or if they won or put unnecessary pressure on them. Try instead to ask them other questions like how many passes / tackles / skills / saves etc did they do and more importantly did they enjoy it! 

TIP for parents -  Please refrain form saying to your child you can have a pound a goal or £5 a hatrick etc as this seriously affects their awareness of the rest of the game when they grow older. They will only develop bad habits if you do this as all they will look for is the goal and will forget everything else around them which is not always the right decision so they will have a lack of awareness of the rest of the pitch when they grow.
If you are going to give rewards please award them for effort, tackles, passes, team work, sportsmanship etc
 Volunteers Needed!!!!
One of our main objectives at Boro Soccer Schools is to provide as many children possible with the opportunity to progress and play for a local junior football club. We have set up over 150 teams in the last 10 years for local clubs including Boro Rangers Cleveland Juniors, Whinny Banks FC, Kader FC, Redcar Town, Thornaby FC, Acklam FC, East Middlesbrough FC, Coulby Newham Juniors, South Park Rangers, Normanby Utd etc.
 In order for us to progress the children into local clubs we need  volunteers to come forward (normally a parent of a child in the  team) to become a junior football team manager and take a squad of children out of the development leagues to play in the Teeside Junior Football Alliance Leagues (TJFA).
 Boro Soccer Schools will pay for any volunteers to attend a FA level 1 coaching course and complete a DBS check and we will help and support any new volunteers as much as possible to settle into the role in their first years managing a team.
The minimum commitment we would need from a parent in order for us to launch a team to go into one of the local clubs would be 1 hour a week on a Sunday morning for 24 Sundays a year. (This can be shared with another parent if you work shifts etc and cant fully commit)
If you or anyone you know would be able to help out and become the manager / assistant manager of your child's team or would like further info on what it would involve then please complete the form below and we will be in contact to discuss further. 
Name of person interested in managing a team
Name of your child
Mobile Number

Presentation Days at Rockcliffe Hall will be on either Sunday 9th or Sunday 16th July. Exact dates and times will be released after MAY Half Term and will be published here

Groups, Dates and Times
Term 3

Group A, B, C, D

Last game at Eston is 18th June  

Gr A - 1
Gr B -
Gr C - 
Gr D - 

Ava Allison
Ava Rowan Furness
Bella Raymont
Casey Taylor Rudd
Edie Brown
Ellie Watson
Gabriella Ford
Imogen Allen
Mya Rose Hall
Rosie Whitbourn
Saydie Dunbar
Sienna Gouldin
Alfie Coleman
Alex Vickers
Alfie Mcnaughton
Andrew Crean
Bobby Blackburn
Bobby Shotton
Charlie Falconer
Charlie Nugent
Dylan Ruse
Evan Weir
Finley Scott
George Alderson
George Hutchinson
Harry Hetherington
Harry Pendlington
Harry Lane
Henry Stabler
Henry Cheng
Jack Mcsweeney
Jaden Cooper Horrig
Jayden Evans
Jesse Hugil
Joshua Mathews
Julian Jones
Liam Bowman
Louie Garbutt
Max Sheppherd
Oliver Frears
Oskar Rooney
Thomas Hodgdson
Tyler Robinson
James Mcallef

Thomas Browell
Charlie Huitson
Elijah Hobburn
Elliot Percival
Ethan Rogers
Finley Amos
Harvey Robinson
Hudson Wood
Jacob Carville
Jacob Chambers
Jacob Towse
James Cloney
James Mcneil
Joshua Stobbs
John Roberts
Kain Elliot
Keiran Handley
Logan Rozaras
Luke Stephenson
Myles Donnelly
Oliver Kay
Oliver Switzer
Oliver Wilson
Patrick Housam
Rio Baines
Sebastian Bradley
Seth Rowe
Shane Robinson
Zack Adamson

Archie Stubbs
Archie Cunningham
Charie Bryan
Declan Lane Dawes
Evan Lighthowler
Freddie Moore
Frankie Farley
Halle Watts
Isaac Cooper
Jack Wilkonson
James Johnston
Jasper Whitehead
John Roberts
Mary Mcnamara
Myles Donnelly
Noah Bendalow
Rory Richardson
Seth Pritchard
Stangaciu Gabriel
Thomas Wilks
William Jones
Zach Heyes
Orin Connelly
Owen Hodgkiss

Group E, F, G

Last game at Eston is 25th June

Gr E - 9.30
Gr F - 9.30
Gr G - 11.00
Aiden Gollogly
Aruhum Asim
Ben Francis
Ben Sidwick
Benjamin Smith
Bradley Rowe
Callum Golden
Callum Sweeney
Charlie Allington
Charlie Townsend
Corey Tidy
Harvey Bennison
James Bowman
Kayden Harris
Nathan Routledge
Nick Kelly
Oliver Smailes
Taylor Pearson
Thomas Mackin
Warren Walls
Leon Byrnes
Lucas Russell
Lucas Swan
Kai Bingham
Reuben Wardell

Adam Sharif
Arin Din
Brodie Wilkonson
Daniel Samuel
Eshan Anwar
Jack Inu Thomas
Jack Pallister
James Montague
Jenson Regan Cara
John Martin Tuffs
John Irvine
Joshua Murphy
Joshua Rodway
Joshua Suleman
Logan Rowden
Lucas Wood
Myles Benesi
Oliver Henry
Rhys Johnson
Ryan Dales
Sam Francis
Sviatoslav Juchnecic
Theo Norris
Theo Pankhurst
Thomas Shepherd
Tyler Willams
William Cassidy
Aaron Thomas
Aiden Addison
Alex Gentle
Alfie Wing
Arin Din
Aston Fawcett
Ben Maloney
Bobby Chew
Cole Barker
David Klavs
Ethan Huitson
George Close Semper
George Moss
Jack Gibson
Jake Fawcett
Jake Leader Jenkins
Jayden Campbell
Jayden Maribusha
Josh Brown
Josh Cunningham
Juniad Akram
Lewis Donan
Lewis Taylor
Luke Newrick
Luke Temke
Lucas Jarvis
Mathew Maloney
Mathew Johnson
Mustafa Ifzal
Reehan Asif
Rhys Cifra
Samuel Pallister
Thomas Bateman
Yacoub Ali
Zain Asif
Ali Asim

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